Are cockatiels color blind?

It’s quite common knowledge that many animals are color blind, like dogs for example. But what about cockatiels? Are cockatiels …

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Are cockatiels noisy?

Man with hands over ears

All birds can be noisy and cockatiels are no exception. They are social creatures and their need to communicate with …

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Why do cockatiels puff up?

Cockatiel puffed up

Normally cockatiels’ feathers lie flat neatly on its body. But sometimes a cockatiel will puff up his feathers so that …

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Do cockatiels molt?

Yes, cockatiels molt. – Molting is the process of a bird losing old damaged feathers and growing new ones. Cockatiels’ …

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Do cockatiels get cold?

Cockatiel in snow

Cockatiels are very hardy birds. In their natural habitat, they can withstand temperatures as cold as 40°F (4°C) and as …

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