About Cockatiel Planet

Hi, I’m Andrew and I’m the founder of Cockatiel Planet.

I have been an animal and bird lover for as long as I can remember. My very first pet was a gerbil called Berty because my parents wouldn’t allow me to have a cat or dog!

Several years ago, I volunteered at a local veterinarian just so that I could be close to animals and help take care of them.

The vet had a collection of birds at his clinic including doves, a pigeon called Carlos, canaries and of course cockatiels. One of my responsibilities at the vets was to feed the birds, clean their cages and to let them out of their cages once a day, all under the guidance of the vet.

Gradually, I bonded with the birds and I became fascinated and charmed by them. That first-hand experience caring for those birds motivated me to research and learn as much as possible about keeping birds, and about keeping cockatiels, in particular.  

I created this website CockatielPlanet.com in order to share with you everything I have learned related to cockatiels over the past few years. You will find articles on feeding, cages, behavior, health, training and much more.  

I hope you find this website useful. Feel free to share a link to it on social media. 🙂